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I have been associated with various academic, scicomm and cultural events, primarily dealing with logistical organisations and design elements. I have been the MC/host/anchor for many of them as well.

Scicomm for scientists 2021

A 7-day beginner's level scicomm workshop for science undergraduate and graduate students, organised by Cogito137, funded by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, convened by Dr. Anindita Bhadra (Associate Dean of International Relations and Outreach, IISER Kolkata).

- Logistical organisation
- Event schedule design

- Designing multiple hands-on scicomm sessions

- Conduction of scicomm editing session

- Panellist: Dejargonizing Science

announcement poster workshop 1.png

Ambassadors of Evolution

A 3-day workshop for teaching middle school children the basic concepts of evolution, followed by mentoring them to organise an evolution-themed science exhibition in their school. The workshop was organised by the Behaviour and Ecology Group, IISER Kolkata, convened by Dr. Anindita Bhadra (Associate Professor, Dept. of Biological Sciences, IISER Kolkata) and funded by the European Society of Evolutionary Biology (ESEB).

- Logistical organisation of the workshop and the exhibition

- Designing all posters, certificates and banners associated with the event

Image by sydney Rae

21st National Science Exhibition 2017

Poster presentation (in English and Bengali) about the general behavioural ecology of stray dogs in a 1- day science fair, organised by Central Calcutta Science and Culture Organisation for Youth, for inculcating scientific awareness among school children of Kolkata.


A 4-day virtual conference organised by Post Doctoral Fellows Association (PDFA) in collaboration with Cogito137 IISER Kolkata, supported by National Center for Biological Sciences, InStem and IndiaBioscience.

- Logistical organisation (in association with PDFA)

- Inaugural speech of the event

- Invitation to speakers and moderation of the panel - Transitioning to a career in science communication

4th National Post-Doc Symposium 2021


Understanding Behaviour 2019

A 3-day national conference that brought together researchers studying behaviour across scales - from molecules to populations. It was organised by the Behaviour and Ecology Group of IISER Kolkata and was funded and supported by SERB India, Springer and Global Young Academy.

- Logo design

- Logistical organisation

- Designing of sponsorship brochure, announcement posters, certificates and banners associated with the event

- MC for the entire event


Convocation, IISER Kolkata

- Bilingual (English and Hindi) announcements and MC for 6th (2018) and 7th (2019) Convocation of IISER Kolkata

- Logistical assistance to institute staff in 5th (2017), 6th and 7th Convocation of IISER Kolkata

convocation 7th.jpg
convocation 6th.jpg
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